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We inspire...

Young People by delivering Law and Justice education at national heritage sites.

We inspire...

Young People by delivering Law and Justice education at national heritage sites.

We inspire...

Young People by delivering Law and Justice education at national heritage sites.

We inspire...

Young People by delivering Law and Justice education at national heritage sites.


NCCL provides learning opportunities for young people to understand the law and justice system, to live and work within it, but to also resolve or prevent potential future civil disputes through their understanding of it.

As an innovator in delivering Public Legal Education Syndicates we believe in using real buildings, real objects and real people to engage, inspire and motivate young people to learn from their past, act in the present and change the future.

Uniquely, we provide the opportunity for young people of all ages and abilities to learn outside of the classroom in working or historic courtrooms providing an un-paralleled learning experience.

We also aim to reduce offending behaviour by delivering early intervention projects to young people.  The following projects are part of NCCL’s ‘Courts of Justice Programme’.

Current Projects

Education Syndicates

The purpose of this project is to work with host museums and students, from a diverse background, to deliver social education through heritage to local schools and to provide students with a post graduate qualification in heritage education.

Virtual Justice

This project  aims to raise awareness about the consequences of cyber-crime and is designed to help students stay safe online and live within the law.

Learning Museum

This is a unique training programme run by Heritage Lottery Fund Skills for the Future Scheme. The project aims to improve diversity within the museum sector workforce.

I Pledge

This project focuses on the contemporary criminal justice system where pupils will role play a number of crime stories which have been developed using the stories and characters from the award winning ‘Keep On Track’ resource.

Mayor’s Fund for London Theatre of Law

A fun and innovative project designed for primary schools to improve students’ understanding of the law and the contemporary justice system.

Take to Law

Take to Law is an exciting new outreach project giving secondary school students an invaluable insight into legal careers.

Get Up Stand Up

‘Get Up, Stand Up’ is an outreach project working with multi-cultural groups in the East Midlands, to create and participate in an aural and graphic interpretation of the Galleries of Justice Museum using the theme of international Civil Rights.

Previous Projects

Ironmonger’s project

This project was designed primarily to support educating young people in Manchester about the law and consequences of breaking the law.

Courts of Justice Project Manchester

This has now evolved into our own education programme

Public Legal Education Syndicate (PLES) East Midlands

The overall aim of this project is to create a shared Public Legal education model, bringing together volunteer interns and children, to increase participation and learning at law related heritage sites, using a shared collection.

Campaign Make An Impact

Working in partnership with other museums, libraries and archives and focuses sessions around history and citizenship.

City Project Young Citizens Project

Develops young people’s knowledge on the criminal justice system, the UK law and how to live within it and the risks and consequences of crime.

ARC (Actively Reducing Crime):  Why guns and knives?

A educational programme which helps young people understand how the judicial system works, through interactive citizenship activities that inspire and motivate.

Young Citizen – Early Intervention

Through taking part in object handling, role play, a mock arrest and a youth trial in one of our courtrooms, pupils gain an improved understanding of the consequences of anti-social behaviour, an idea of how crime affects people, and a better understanding of the current legal and criminal justice systems.


Recycle + is a development of the earlier Recycle Projects run through the Galleries of Justice Museum as a positive activity for young people who are at risk of getting into trouble.